ITIB SpA (Italy)

ITIB SpA Address : Via Romiglia 9-25050 PADERNO FRANCIACORTA (BS) - ITALY

Company Profile

TIB MACHINERY INTERNATIONAL S.p.A. is manufacturing corrugators and accessory components since 1960, and is now represented worlwide. During more than forthy years a full range of equipments for tubing extrusion has been designed and produced.
In 1978 ITIB have merged with GRUPPO FARA S.p.A., a manufacture group operating in a range of business area.
The same group includes ITIB S.p.A., a top level company with more than forthy years experience in production of thermoplastic corrugated tubing, having developed a partnership with major european industrial groups. In year 2001 the company has activated the new production site in Poland, incorporated as ITIB POLAND.
The constant synergy between the group’s companies operating in the plastic materials area allows continuous verification and test of new solutions. Problem area of materials and production undertake thus deep study and experiment.
Experience, trial and innovation compose the fundamental and consolidated background of ITIB Machinery International, an affordable and professional company: for the Customers the guarantee of a sound choice.

Products/Services : systems for production of PE, PP, PVC, PA, EVA, PVDF and s.o., single wall tubing, and PE, PP, PVC double wall tubing. The products range includes corrugators for the production of tubing with a minimum inner diameter of 4,5 mm and a maximum external diameter of 630 mm. The identification code of ITIB Machinery International corrugators indicates with the first digit the maximum external diameter obtainable, and with the second digit the number of dies included in the chain: Corrugators F15, F25, F32, F65, F135 Corrugators F250, F315 Corrugators F630 ITIB Machinery International production includes a range of equipments to complete the corrugated tubing extrusion lines: Extrusion heads for single and double wall tubing Cooling tanks in a range of lenght size Pulling devices Cutting units, rotative and shear type Perforators for PE and PVC Winding devices Insertion devices for drive wire ITIB Machinery International feature more than thirty year’s experience, and the complete masterization of above fields; the company facilities include a design department provided with the state of art CAD-CAM systems and an experienced, prompt and effective support department. ITIB can therefore deliver a full service “turnkey type”, design and manufacture for every Customer any type of complete line for tailored production.

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