VIVAI COOPERATIVI RAUSCEDO Soc. Coop. Agric.   Address : Via Udine, 39 - 33090 RAUSCEDO (PN)

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About 80 years ago in Rauscedo, a village at the foot of Carnic PreAlps, in an economically depressed area, characterized with mass emigration, the first nucleus of a grapevine nursery was formed. It was an officer of the Royal Army to teach some local farmers the benchgrafting technique, which they learnt and eagerly tried to absorb, hoping to improve their standard of living. Thus, a few at a time, the Rauscedo farmers started a small activity, that was immediately supported by the Itinerant Chair of Agrculture, firstly, and afterwards by the Provincial Inspectorate, which contributed to a sufficient technical education of the first nurserymen. In concomitance with one of the longest and most severe periods of crisis in the world economic history and of terrifying recession for the national and, consequently, local agriculture, with the inevitable competition among the local nurserymen, about 1929/1930 the idea that the associated form of business would solve many problems and allow to produce more at remunerative prices started to spread in the community. That's how more than 70 years ago, after several vicissitudes, on initiative of “authentic apostles”, as they were defined by the late lamented Prof. Cosmo, the Vivai Cooperativi Rauscedo were started. But at the outbreak of the Second World War the activity of the cooperative was forced to slow down and nearly to cease.
After the war new energies poured into the village: the new generations, that didn't emigrate, and the war veterans, that didn't want to abandon their land, started working again, so that in 1948 they reached a production of over 3 million grafted cuttings.
As the time passed by and thanks to the increasing work opportunity, many emigrants came back to their homeland, so that the Cooperative was able to face the growing production with new people and new structures.
Telling our story, we have already come to relatively recent times, the times of the new generations, who must draw ever-new energies to enhance social, economical and technical development of their nursery business, with the awareness that the grafted vines they produce will put down their roots in all the vine-growing areas of the world. From the members and the technicians of the cooperative the vine-growers in Italy and in all the other countries expect a perfectly selected material, to be used to grow healthy, long-lived and high-quality vineyards to the advantage of the viticulture worldwide.

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