Caseificio Gelmini Carlo s.r.l. (Italy)

Caseificio Gelmini Carlo s.r.l. Address : Via Papa Giovanni XXIII, n°15-20080 Besate (MI)

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The evolution in the transforming process of agriculture products was innovated mainly by the middle class from towns and the country. The introduction of the artificial meadows in Padania and Lombardy and the progress in irrigation allowed the farmers to increase the livestock which was previously only used as a working aid in the fields. By the fifteenth century the product, (rice, butter and cheese) harvested from Lombardy plains was exported as far as Rome.
In the Ticino River Valley, which flows throught Besate, evident signs of the important changes that were made in agriculture can be seen even today: the preparation of the soil can be defined as the first and the most important substructure; on this infrastructure the Gelmini s generation founded their own dairy at the end of 1800, deciding to specialize in the production of Gorgonzola cheese, giving everyone the possibility to taste the freshness and the fragrance of its meadows.
This speciality has been exported all over the world and many have tried to imitate Gelmini Gorgonzola, but they cannot achieve the same quality characteristic.
Naturally, the milk is collected from the farms of the Ticino valley, where the waters are pure and the air is uncontaminated.
The quality of the cheese and the location of where the product is made is the cheesemaker's fortune: that’s why today Gelmini Dairy produces some of the best Italian cheeses.
The Lombarda factory in the past was made up of two factories, one situated in Besate, where even today the milk is processed, the second in Novara where the cheese was ripened before being selected, packed and dispatched.
In 2004, with the opening of the new maturing section next to the production factory established in 1997, Gelmini Dairy started to produce cheese in a structure which is innovative both for the production and the ripening of Gorgonzola DOP.
The factory site is in the centre of the DOP Gorgonzola cheese area which includes the Province of Bergamo, Brescia, Como, Cremona, Cuneo, Lodi, Lecco, Milano, Novara, Pavia, Vercelli and the area of Casale M. A few years ago Varese, Biella e Verbania Province were added to this list.
Gelmini Dairy respects and applies the EU regulations regarding food hygiene and it is one of the first Italian gorgonzola producers as for quality and quantity, with a constant growth in turnover which does not affect the high standard of the product itself.
Gelmini Carlo s.r.l., leader in the production of Gorgonzola D.O.P., has been producing Gorgonzola for 4 generations. Using a modern and careful technology we assure the professionalism and tradition in the production. The result of our high quality cheese is the outcome of decades of experience. The efficiency of our sales network offices enables the delivery of high quality products at the best conditions required. Gelmini dairy respects and applies the EU regulations regarding food hygien without disregarding a manual care of the product which assure our cheese excellent and rich in taste.

Products/Services : Marbled cheeses, gorgonzola.

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