Dropsa S.p.A. (Italy)

Dropsa S.p.A. Address : Via Benedetto Croce 1, 20090-Vimodrone

Company Profile

Dropsa was founded in 1946 in Milan, Italy and has become one of the world's leading producers of centralized lubrication system and components. As a company we are proud to have developed many ideas and products that have shaped the industry over the last 60 years. Our innovation continues today opening new markets and applications in the field of lubrication technology.

Dropsa has an extensive range of solutions for the main product categories: Total Loss Oil, Grease Lubrication, Re-circulating Oil and Air/Oil Lubrication.

The Company offers an extensive production program which caters for the most diverse lubrication applications, from small machine tools to transfer lines, printing presses, paper machines, steel mills and pratically all other sectors of industry.

Products/Services : lubrication system and components, Pumps, Dividers , Injectors & Restrictors , Electric PumpsManifolds , Fittings , Tubing & Tools , Controllers,Sensors & Monitoring Devices , Air/Oil and MQL , Mist Systems, ,Valves,Spray and nozzles, Magnom FiltersFilters,Reservoirs,Accessories, Lubricants

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