SedieFriuli di Fornasarig Srl (Italy)

SedieFriuli di Fornasarig Srl Address : Via San Giovanni 45-33044 Manzano

Company Profile

Today Fornasarig is the only Italian company that manufactures chairs and accessories exclusively for the Contract field. Chairs, sofas and tables for hotels, restaurants, theatres, schools, libraries, conference rooms, ships: places for the collectivity. With the Design Seating for Design Eating project, the company begins a new phase, adopting Design as a methodological choice for its future, which does not exclude the possibility of a commercial extension towards the domestic market.
Wood is the material chosen by Fornasarig to manufacture their chairs. Not only is wood a traditional material, but it also possesses sensorial, visual, and tactile characteristics that others do not have, and this is why it continues to be as beloved as it always has. The processing techniques require care, craftsmanship, experience, skill. Fornasarig works prevalently with beech wood. An essence that is characterized as a strong and “elastic” wood, which can absorb shocks and resist bending. Physical characteristics that make it ideal for Contract products.

Products/Services : chairs

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