Marrocu Gioielli (Italy)

Marrocu Gioielli Address : via Nazionale 302, 09039-Villacidro

Company Profile

The firm was established in 1967 thanks to just a person who was already son, nephew, and descendant of a family already busy on this field. The story starts in a small store in Via Roma 40th in Villacidro with the helpful presence of his wife.

In the Eighties, with all his sons united and prepared to the job, Fernando Marrocu established The Goldsmith’s Firm that took his name.

For a firm that look at the jewel as an historical piece and not only as a decoration, it is impossible to follow a fixed pattern.
Every jewel takes form depending on its story. Questing, studying and ability make of every jewel a unique item.

Production cycle starts from fusion of the metal that is worked in a really thin plate from which technicians obtain gold wires.

Products/Services : jewelry

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