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cn Titanium bar and titanium alloy rod
Forging titanium rods: diameter ( 26-200 )*is less than or equal to 4000 mm Rolling of titanium rods: diameter ( 8-25 ) *is less than or equal to 1500 mm Production standards: ASTMB348, AMS4972, ASTM F67, ASTM F136, UNS R50400´╝îtolerances can be achieved H7. Titanium bar, titanium and titanium alloys non-ferrous metal rod. Titanium rods have good strength, hardness, low density light weight, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, good mechanical properties, corrosion resistance is excellent, no magnetic, nontoxic, good heat transfer performance. At the same time, memory, superconductivity. Hydrogen storage properties of very prominent. Titanium rod products are widely used: navigation, aerospace, vacuum salt making, automobile industry, medical and sports, papermaking textile industry, power industry, metallurgical industry, chlor-alkali industry, fertilizer industry, seawater desalination industry. And life of the watch shell shell production, computer and spare parts production.
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